“Troubadour–Song of the Lark” is now available!

Troubadour Song of the Lark cover

Twelfth century France is on the verge of war, a high stakes battle for the minds and souls of its people. Territorial disputes with Spain threaten the southern provinces. The excesses of the Catholic hierarchy are giving rise to a growing Cathar religious movement. Into this mounting conflict rides a romantic young rogue whose biggest wish is to write poems and set them to music. Gaucelm finds his way into the powerful courts of Toulouse, Ventadour, and Courthézon, and the tender arms of a prostitute who will follow him wherever he goes. Based on historic events and a real troubadour who chronicled them, Troubadour is a powerfully told story of conflicted loyalties and the ruthless leaders who will do anything to control their subjects.

Clara Pierre wrote two historical novels about Gaucelm Faudit, a troubadour of the late 12th and early 13th centuries. Not much is known of him, but Clara had an excellent imagination as well as being a scholar of that era and of the Provencal language. The books, Troubadour and The Troubadour’s Tale, were published in Europe in several languages, but never in English–the language in which they were written.

With help for many people, Troubadour–Song of the Lark is finally available in print form. We will make it available in digital form soon, but it is so nice to hold and read a real book!

You can order Troubadour: Song of the Lark from my favorite bookseller, Maria’s Bookshop in Durango, Colorado by clicking  here.  Or you can help keep your local bookstore in business by ordering a copy from them–and ask them to add it to their inventory. If you aren’t sure where your closest independent bookstore is, go to:  www.indiebound.org/indie-store-finder. They can get Troubadour: Song of the Lark for you! As a last resort you can find this excellent historical novel at Amazon.com and other large booksellers.

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